Ads Manager

Designing to increase clarity and reduce feature complexity.


This project was completed during my summer internship from May to August 2019.

Skill(s): Product Thinking, UI/UX Design, Prototyping and User Research

Team: Ads Delivery

Time duration: 3 months

What did I work on?

Over the summer, I redesigned a feature in the Ads Manager product. At a high level, this project involved me thinking deeply about the original problem the feature aimed to solve, what value the feature currently had and its value proposition moving forward relative to other Ads Manager product features in its space.

I worked on defining the scope of my project, aligning with key cross functional partners in my team and product org, explored various design options, ultimately prototyping and testing my designs with teams across Facebook globally.

If you’re interested in learning more about this project, feel free to reach out to me.

How did I grow?

Working at Facebook was hands down the hardest challenge I’d ever taken on. The opportunites for growth were endless and really forced me to focus on absorbing the information that helped me move my project forward in a meaningful way.

Within that period of time, one of the areas I grew was in learning how to ask the right questions. I learned how to zero in on the 20% of questions that would give me 80% knowledge.

I also learned the value of leveraging cross-functional partners as a way to demystify complex problem spaces and get to what matters. Their feedback was invaluable to making sure I was aligned on the right north star and iterating on what mattered.

Finally I learned the value of going broad on ideas before going deep. For me, the value of doing the due diligence exploring multiple ideas in raw, unfinished forms is something I’d struggled with early in my design education. With the help of my manager, I learned to lean into my unfinished work as a proxy to getting feedback early and often.